The Hot Club of Beijing is a truly multi-national ensemble carrying on the tradition of Django Reinhardt's Hot Club of France in the 1930s and 1940s. The musicians of this diverse ensemble come from all over the globe including France, Greece, the United States and Xinjiang, China, adding their eclectic mix of international flavors to the gypsy jazz idiom. With such a diverse array of musical backgrounds and cultures, the Hot Club of Beijing offers a truly unique sound whether it's hard swinging jazz, hot latin rhythms, fiery gypsy waltzes or elegant ballads. Let us play for you!

法国热力俱乐部”由占戈-瑞纳创建于上个世纪三十年代,另类的组合,将摇摆乐进行了全新演绎,由于占戈-瑞纳的吉普赛人的身份, 故将此音乐命名为“吉普赛爵士“,吉普赛爵士从问世至今经久不衰,令世界各地的爵士乐手争相模仿,同样在北京也有一支这样的乐队—北京热力俱乐部,活跃于各爵士俱乐部、酒吧、星级酒店以及各种特殊的酒会等,乐队由四位职业乐手组成,两位来自中国,两位来自法国。所以:
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